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Neem Cake

Neem cake is an organic manure containing organic nutrients like Nitrogen(N), Phosphorous(P), Potassium(K), Calcium, magnesium etc., including Sulphur and bitter Limonoids. Neem cake organic manure is a proven soil conditioner and it is being used directly or in blends with other manures like, urea, Farmyard manure etc., for its benefits of organic nutrients, pest repellent properties and its control on soil bound nematodes.

  • Acts as an organic manure and pest repellent for majority crops and soil.
  • Has good pesticide properties.
  • Protects plant roots from nematodes, soil grubs and white ants.
  • It’s bio-degradable and can be used with many other different types of fertilizers.
  • Increases dry matter in Teak, Gum Arabic Tree and other forest trees.
  • It is acts as nitrification inhibitor and prolongs the availability of nitrogen reducing excess usage of nitrogenous fertilizers.
  • Insects do not develop resistance upon regular usage.
  • Acts as good soil conditioner and improves overall crop yield.
Major Crops:

Widely used on crops like Field Crops, Vegetables, Fruits, Plantation, Aromatic, Spice, Commercial crops etc.