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Solar Insect Control Trap
(Eco-friendly Solar based Insect Control Trap)

It’s a Solar & UV light technology based insect control trap designed to control multi variety nocturnal insect pests in Agriculture & allied crops.

  • Variety of Insect pests get controlled on the field.
  • Insecticides/chemicals usage gets reduced.
  • Reduction in overall cost of production due to reduced chemical usage.
  • Increased yield can be achieved due to reduced damage due to overall insect pest control.
  • Helps inidentifying insect pest type and initiate appropriate control measures.
  • One step closer to residue free farming.
  • Eco-friendly way of insect pest control.
  • Win-Win situation to Farmer, Consumer and Environment.

The trap is designed to control nocturnal insect pests in agriculture & allied crops with a an innovative technology combining solar panel and UV light.It’s a fully automatic trap majorly consisting of solar panel, switch, battery and a supporting stand.

Solar panel on top of theinstrument charges the battery(placed inside the metal box below the solar panel housing the electric items)during daytime and after sunsetUV (Ultraviolet Light) light glows automaticallyattracting large variety of nocturnal flying insects(radius of 1-1.5 acres). These attracted insects get trapped in the plastic tub/container (containing mixture of water + detergent powder/Oil/Shampoo) placed just below the UV lighttube.

Instrument Type Solar Insect Control trap
Height 7Ft
Supporting Stand Type Adjustable Stand
TargetedInsect Pest Nocturnal flying Insects
Mode of operation Automatic
Electric Power Requirement Not Required
UV light Working Hours 4 hours after Sunset
Purpose Agriculture/Dry Warehouses
Warranty 1 Year
Area Coverage Approx. 1-1.5 Acre

Before installing, decide the field where to install based on the number of acres, crop type and infestation etc. Once decided place the instrument in the centre of the selected land and ensure that instrument is firmly installed in the soil.

After installation, the switch needs to be turned in ‘ON’ position and the instrument is now ready to use and its automatic without any need for manual intervention.

Targeted Crops Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds, Spices,Commercial Crops/Polyhouse& Dry Warehouse
Targeted Pests Nocturnal Flying Insects
Recommended Units 1 trap per acre