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Bucket Trap & Lure
(Eco-friendly Pheromone based Insect Control Trap)

The Trap is a type of insect trap that uses pheromones to lure insects and trap them. These traps are used for monitoring and also for controlling insect population by mass trapping technique.

  • Variety of Insect pests get controlled on the field.
  • Insecticides/chemicals usage gets reduced.
  • Reduction in overall cost of production due to reduced chemical usage.
  • Increased yield can be achieved due to reduced damage due to overall insect pest control.
  • Helps inidentifying insect pest type and initiate appropriate control measures.
  • One step closer to residue free farming.
  • Eco-friendly way of insect pest control.
  • Win-Win situation to Farmer, Consumer and Environment.

Pheromones are released from the lure placed inside the trap attracting the Same/opposite sex of the same insect species. The attracted insects get trapped inside and are killed in the trap.

Colour Purple/Brown
Trap Type Pheromone based Trap
Lure field Life 90 days after unboxing
Lure Type Septa, Vile
Trap Life Depends on usage

The trapscontaining lure should be placed with equidistant spacingin the targeted field. On the field, the lure inside the trap will release required pheromones on regular basis attracting insects which get trapped & also killed insidethe trap.The dead insects should be collected and disposed on regular basis for effective results.

Targeted Crops Coconut, Oil Palm, Date Palm
Targeted Pests Rhinoceros beetle, Red palm Weevil
Recommended Units 3-5 traps per acre